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Expert in electromechanical systems and components representation and distribution for the Israeli high-tech world, Reprotech supports our customers with high level of technical expertise with sustainable and innovative value-added solutions, wherever and whenever they can be found. We strive for excellence in service and support and distinguish ourselves as technical experts for the benefit of our customers.

While others focus on sales of shelf products, Reprotech team of experienced engineers support our customer`s programs from the design of their product to the successful lunch of it into the market place. We provide technical consulting not matched in the market place.

The company founded in 2017 by a team of experienced sales and application engineers managers and specialists aimed in filling a much needed gap in the growing customer demand for highly technical support for products from global leaders also looking for proper professional and fair representation.

In today competitive market place our customers are looking for affordable state of the art solutions in the shorts time and cost –  we focus on providing just that with optimizing a solutions specific to the program.

Israeli High-tech industry is absolutely a demanding market and we are equipped for the mission with highly experienced team of Engineers with high level of service orientation aimed in helping our wide and loyal customer base.

While of the shelf solutions are common and well appreciated and supported in our organization we take special proud in the joined work done on customized solutions with our customers and principles. Our experience promises a wide market coverage and market leadership in our field.

Our moto reflects perfectly our philosophy: When you need a solution In Specs,  in time and in budget: We’re in.


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